The Use of Conflict

The theme of this writing is war and the use of conflict thus causing human progression. The use of war has been a know tactic of powerful country’s with the strongest military, best technology, and weapons. Men have always conflicted with each other on the means of survival and who can out battle one another to obtain something. The tactic of war was used freely throughout the world to bring about a vast amount of land, money, or goods.

         As stated in the text “the cause of this military growth is very plain. The strongest nation has always been conquering the weaker”. This constant means of warfare and peace treaties have been long suffered throughout history.

            In todays modern world war is still a use of trying to improve economical deprivation. For example America has used and invaded Iraq to persist in constant conflict and war.

            I learned from this reading that original sin could be asserted in describing human behavior are we really the sinful creatures portrayed in the pass thus today as well?

            Men have conflicted over land law and much more if one nation disagrees with the next constant affairs can contest between the nations and war can began over something little or small.


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